Where have I been??

OMG I really need to be more active on here.  I have totally spaced and haven’t written anything in the past year.  I am the worst…BUT it won’t happen again.

So, whats new with me…
Travel – in the past year we have been to Dubai, Rhode Island, London, Mexico City – all excellent hotels and all excellent destinations.

I recently have gotten really in to Port – mainly because I can use these awesome port tongs to open my 20 (and 30) year Tawny Port.

DC Roof Repair- A DIY Guide

While we will cover many types of roofing services here, we will primarily focus on flat roofs as that is most common on townhouses in DC.  What do you do if your roof is leaking?  Well we are here to help.  We will cover easy solutions, good solutions, and long-term solutions.  And everything in between.

Let’s start with easy solutions.

Does you flat roof look more like alligator skin and less like a nice smooth roof?  We will be discussing some possible DIY solutions but, if you need professional dc roof repair click that link to contact a good service company.

Flat Roof EPDM - Alligator Skin
Damaged Rubber Roof Worn Flat Roof – Alligator Skin


So let’s talk about two very easy solutions that can be surprisingly effective.

The first is an As Seen on TV product.  Buy NOW!

Flex Seal Roof Leaks

While this product shouldn’t be considered a permanent fix it can be quite effective in a pinch.  Plus at $5 for a can and just a few minutes to apply it is as easy and cheap as it gets.  Here is a news segment that does a great job testing out the product.

The second product is a bit more expensive at $20 but also much more permanent.

Peel and Seal

Peel and Seal is a thin piece of aluminum that is adhered to a not so thin backing of a self-stick adhesive that is black like tar.  Each roll is 25′ x 6″ so you simply cut the size you need, peel the backing and stick it to the problem area.  All done!

It works best if you clean the area first and it doesn’t stick well under 50 degrees so this works better during the warm season.  Plus, the area really needs to be dry for this to be effective.  It won’t stick well to anything wet.

Combine both of these techniques and you get something horrible looking like the following:

Flat Roof Repair with Peel and Seal and Flex Seal
Flat Roof Repair with Peel and Seal and Flex Seal

But, if you have a leak and want it to stop ASAP this is an easy and effective fix.  It isn’t pretty but it works. Plus it is easy and cheap.  Not a bad option.